New Zealand’s First Weighed Marlin for the Season

Ken and I specifically set out to get the first marlin of the season, weighed or tagged.  We were on our boat ‘Gladiator’ after Christmas and sent the dog and kids home and started fishing.  Due to the weather the serious fishing didn’t start till the 3rd of January for us.  On the 3rd we headed out at 5.30am to the Nine Pin trench.  At 8.50am we hooked up on a blue marlin.  The fish was very lively ‘porpoising’ out of the water in one direction and then the other.  I played this blue for 35 minutes before unfortunately losing it 20 metres from the boat. Totally Gutted!!!  This blue took a lumo sprocket in 19.2 degrees water.

The following day, nothing and still Gutted.  Thursday 5 January and another early start leaving the Cavalli’s and heading towards the Nine Pin trench.  At 8.34am we hooked up on the short corner on the Pacific Bait Fish lure in 19.9 degrees water and just at the bottom of the Nine Pin trench in 250m.  YES, still in with a chance for getting the first weighed marlin of the season.  Not wanting to lose this one, I very carefully wound the line in.    Success, we landed a striped marlin at 8.59am.  Now the long wait to see if the marlin was over the required 90kg weight.  Longest day ever.  We knew it wasn’t big but had all fingers and toes crossed it was big enough.  In to Tutukaka at 6pm, up on the scales and breath held, it was official – 96.6kg!  Yes, we had won the NZ trophy for the First Marlin Of The Season Weighed.  Ken always said if you set your mind on something just go and do it.  Our mind was set on the trophy and we did it.